Feeding Program


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Eating From the Masters Table of In My Fathers House Community Support Services Network Inc.

We want all of our community to know Jesus Christ and to find their ultimate joy and satisfaction in Him. We have designed our Feeding Program to deepen understanding of the greatness of our God, and to give encouragement in the pursuit of Hope in God. Our focus is the Homeless and Underserved Population. We created a 3 phase program to help them with getting healthy and getting to a life of stabilty. Ist Phase was to create a atmoshere where they can come in and sit down to a  4 couarse HOT MEAL every Saturday from 11am til 12pm. For those that can't make it to the facilate we deliver them a HOT MEAL this was designed with our Seniors in mind.2nd Phases is to partner with other agenices such as the Health Depart ment Outreach Coordinator to  help those that are dealing with differnt health issues rather it be Mentally,Drug Addiction, or just some reaccuring health issues. 3 phase is to partner with HUD and Partners to help find permant housing in order to get them stable. Therefore they will began the journey to finding a job and be on their way.

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Jesuhua Food House

Is avaiable 24 hours 7 days a week. Items placed in the house is for those that are needing a pick me up. Alot of the food and hygine items are found in the Food House has been donated by citizens,businesses throughout the community.

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Community Policing

In My Fathers House Community Support Service Network engages with a police unit in efforts for the  citizens  throughout the community to know  that our officers not only PROTECT but they SERVE also. The Community Policing parternership is the patrol activities to emphasize nonemergency servicing , increased police awareness to communties.
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